September 25, 2023

People do not understand where they will buy drugs tomorrow, where they will work and whether they will remain free at all. The business has changed completely

“The loudest headline of recent days is [the name of the forum] sold for two million dollars,” writes one of the well—known darknet analysts in his Telegram channel. — This is an extremely important resource in the struggle of sites [trying to become a new “Hydra”], which someone had to get. Some authoritative sources report that the forum was sold to the OMG site, which was joined by the drug syndicate “Khimprom”. It is noteworthy that the latter were once covered by the “reds” (policemen — approx. “Tapes.<url>”), and if they really are participants in the transaction to purchase the forum, then it really bothers me a lot.”

In other words, drug sellers and drug users may be left without an island of their stability.

For buyers, this means the inability to replenish personal stocks, and for stores — difficulties with the sale of goods, which became a complete surprise for many of them after the Hydra shutdown.