September 25, 2023

Hydra created a huge ecosystem, and that ecosystem collapsed. The lion’s share of buyers simply do not know any other darknet sites other than Hydra. For them, the darknet is a synonym for “Hydra”

Who wins the battle of marketplaces

Analysts who calculate the popularity of various sites are inclined to believe that two main contenders for the place of Hydra have appeared on the darknet today: OMG and Mega stores. A few weeks ago, OMG was noticeably ahead of its competitor, but today they are almost on a par. The popularity of the store has fallen due to the fact that he failed to organize the smooth operation of services. Because of this, the resource was often unavailable, which is unacceptable in the world of people with complex addictions who easily lose their temper.

In mid—May, Mega received a noticeable reinforcement: some former Hydra moderators became part of the team – in the world of the darknet they are considered specialists of the highest level, because they are well aware of all the problems of the growth of such marketplaces, they are able to communicate with nervous customers and at the same time maintain a high image of the platform.

“A whole flock of moderators from Hydra writes to you. Now we are choosing between you and OMG, but they are not responding to us there yet, we decided to contact you right away. Can we discuss the terms of cooperation? Now there are seven of us, ready to start,” the ex—moderator of Hydra Coloss wrote through the feedback form to the management of Megi. The platform agreed to discuss the details of future cooperation, which could swing the market situation in favor of this platform.