September 25, 2023

“The main administrators of Hydra have long been “dumped into the sunset” and are resting on our (manufacturers and buyers of drugs — approx. “”) money, because I talked to one of the moderators, and he says that almost everyone is in touch, there is only the very top. A couple of vice-admins — and that’s it,” the owner of one of the stores selling drugs wrote in her Telegram channel. — Also, the transition of moderators does not give any guarantees that the site they switched to will be the market leader. Moderators are also people and also want to eat, but sitting still, you won’t earn money.”

Cannot provide a link, since the channel publishes materials related to, among other things, the ways of using drugs for research purposes) found out that every fifth respondent who uses prohibited substances, after the collapse of Hydra, began buying drugs with his hands. The same number of people use bots in Telegram, and the same number use the websites of individual stores. Every tenth customer prefers another large site — Solaris, a kind of catalog of store sites integrated into its shell.

“The stability of the site is a very important factor that affects the inflow and outflow of customers.

This observation is confirmed by OMG and Megi indicators. The increase in the percentage of purchases via Telegram and store websites is a bit surprising trend, because the client is not protected there in any way, and the store administration is free to make any decisions in its favor,” the author of DrugStat notes.