September 25, 2023

Agrees the owner of another large store in her channel. — However, they are very easily removed by competitors. In addition, scammers (scammers who, as a rule, collect personal data of users — approx. “”) have learned to fake shop bots almost perfectly. Individual market sites are the worst, because customers are simply too lazy to look for them, it’s easier to find a bot or go to any site.”

The drug user goes into the woods

While the strong and the rich share a huge market, Russian drug users are also trying to find an alternative to Hydra. Many people go to places where they had “non-visits” last year or during the winter in order to still find a bookmark months ago. More enterprising drug-addicted Russians unite in groups and comb through small forest parks on the outskirts of the capital in the hope of finding a master treasure — a large bookmark for a treasure trove, in which there may be hundreds of grams of a particular substance.

“Apparently, this is how we lost several kilograms of drugs after the closure of Hydra,” he told” operator of one of the stores. — Kladmen did not take the master treasure, because we had small sales in the first weeks after the launch of our site. And when he finally got to the forest a month later, there were big holes in the place of the master treasures. Apparently, an employee of the “warehouse” buried the packages shallowly, and they were in plain sight after the snow melted.”